Special Offers – Terms and Conditions (TnC)

Thank you for choosing Share the Sub! We are constantly looking forward to bring you savings and to bless people around us. ☺

Steps on how to sign up for Special Offers (Terms and Conditions below):

  1. Ensure you are eligible for the promo. If unsure, please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully. If in doubt, drop us a text to check with us! 😊
  2. Prepare the documents required (see TnC below)
  3. Select the eligible subscription
  4. Click Subscribe
  5. Go to your Cart to checkout
  6. Upload proof of ID and/or Document(s) (see TnC below)
  7. Apply promo code (see – swipe left for IG posts or see our )
    • Important: For free (100% discount) subscriptions, it is normal to see $0 discount after applying promo code.
      We will refund the full amount after verifying your eligibility. This is to prevent promo code abuse.
  8. Make payment
    • If your promo code is:
      1. 100% discount (free)
        • Select Credit/Debit card as payment mode
      2. Any other discount rates (e.g. 50%/60%/70%):
        • Make payment via any payment mode (take note of payment processing fee for non-PayLah!)
  9. We will verify your eligibility
    • If you are eligible:
      • We will provision your subscription
      • Void (Refund) the payment made (accordingly to the promotion you have signed up with)
        It might take up to 5 working days for the charge to disappear from your statement
    • If you are not eligible:
      • We will not provision your subscription
      • Order will be cancelled
      • No refunds will be provided (please do not use the promo code if you are ineligible. We do offer affordable pricing for our subscriptions 😉 – let’s be fair 😊)
  10. You will receive an “Order Completed” email when your order has been processed.

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions for special promotion events:

  • This applies to special promotional coupons and any other promotional events.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Special Offers are only valid for new users.
  • Special Offers are mutually exclusive.
  • Whenever required, valid proof of identity/photo ID (“Proof of ID”) must be provided in order to validate your offer for specific promos (e.g. Nurses, Medical Officers, Social Work, F&B, Students, Education).
  • Your name of your ID MUST match the name you have registered with us.
  • Your proof of ID and/or supporting documents MUST be uploaded during checkout.
  • For avoidance of doubt, proof of ID must contain the following, unedited:
    • Name
    • Photo
    • Issue/Expiry Date
    • School/Institution/Company
    • Course/Occupation (for occupation-specific promo)
  • Proof of ID/photo ID (with the aforementioned information) examples:
    • Staff Pass
    • Student card ID
    • NYP admin Card
    • NP admin card
    • SP admin card
    • RP admin card
    • EZ-Link card
  • We accept the following documents for occupation-specific promos in conjunction with proof of ID (photo ID):
  • If your photo ID does not contain the information as required above, it will be deemed as supporting documents only. Thus, you will require a proof of ID in conjunction with the supporting document.

Students offer:

  • Valid for students below 25 years old (ID must indicate date of birth)
Example 1 (Nursing Student/Nurse):
  • Student A is a Year 1 Nursing Student in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). He/she may subscribe for either Student promo or Nurses promo. He/she:
    • May not apply for both promos (i.e. Student and Nursing).
    • If applying for Nurses promo, he/she must submit his/her NYP admin card indicating his course (i.e. Nursing)
    • If he/she is applying for Student promo, he/she must submit his/her NYP admin or Ez-link card indicating he/she is a student at NYP.
Example 2 (Early Childhood Educator – ECE):
  • Tom is a ECE teacher at Hope Kindergarten. He may subscribe to only ECE promo.
    • May not apply for other promos
    • Must submit his Staff Pass or any valid form of document in conjunction with photo ID which proves that he is a Early Childhood Educator.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, for ECE, only Teachers (Educators) or Program Helpers are eligible.
Example 3 (Healthcare):
  • Beatriz is a medical officer at Joy Hospital. She may subscribe to only HC promo.
    • May not apply for other promos
    • If applying for healthcare-specific promo, she must submit her Staff Pass or any valid form of document in conjunction with photo ID with proves that she is a healthcare worker (i.e. medical officer)
    • An example of a fully furnished document:
      • SGH Staff Pass (unedited)
      • Photo ID
        • Front of NRIC (with only last 3 characters of NRIC no. visible)
        • Front of FIN (with only last 3 characters of NRIC no. visible)
        • MyKad
        • Passport

Important Note:

  • We reserve the right to cancel your order without refund in the event that:
    • There is no valid ID provided
    • Required documentations are not fully furnished
      • Examples including, but not limited to:
        • Edited photo ID/Staff Pass/Student Pass
        • Missing Photo ID (e.g. Driving License/NRIC)
        • Missing Supporting documents (e.g. Staff Pass)
    • Offers are fraudulently used
      • Including but not limited to:
        • Creating multiple accounts
        • Applying duplicate orders/coupons
        • Misusing coupon codes meant for others (e.g. applying promo code for Nursing when you are not a Nurse nor Student Nurse)

Thank you for making subscription sharing fair and enjoyable! 😊

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